guests-apartments on Amrum - on the island Amrum in the Northsea!
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apartment 1 F R I E S E N S T U B E 
for 2 persons

apartment 2 A U R O R A
for 2-4 persons

apartment 3 B A U E R N W O H N U N G
for 2-5 persons



Our Frisian farmhouse: the original house, the front part, was already established in 1826. From 1867 till 1872 the seafarer, Heine Bohne, rebuilt the place. It was very well done and now It became a captain’s house. Mr Bohne wanted to spend his retirement, the OLD AGE in this house, but his last trip didn’t bring him back home to Amrum. An accident happened. Heine climbed the mast and fell. He was immediately dead. 1890 Frederick von Bodeschwing and his son came to Amrum and was the first guest in the farmhouse. From 1892 till 1904 the house was owned by the Korsemann family. Then, great uncle Johannes E. Jannen, his wife Ida and son John, who immigrated to the United States of America a few years before, lived in New York City, the Bronx, returned. Johannes bought the house. Once in a while a room was rented to tourist. In his house he managed the branch of a bank and he also took care of the church office. At that time the house had a little barn, were he had 3 cows.On May 30th 1952 the niece Mathilde and husband John Lorenzen, immigrants, former in the Delicatessen-Business returned to Amrum and bought the house. They extended the place. Now it was a farmhouse with a Frisian thatch roof. The Lorenzen family rented 3 rooms to tourists. They spoke German and English, had guests from all over the world. Even after a hard working day the Lorenzens loved to spent time with the tourists. This atmosphere didn’t change,   John gave up the farming and retired. After he was called to his eternal rest, Mathilde moved back to New York Her daughter Pauline Hoefer continued and slowly, step by step, she converted the farm house into a Guests house. In Mai 2008 Pauline went back to her roots. The house on Krümwai belongs now over 100 years to the family. Three generations loved that place and enjoyed Their guests and kept a cosy atmosphere. C O M E and visit us, our  PLACE – THE BÜÜRENHÜS -  on Krümwai!
It is a former Frisian farmhouse, which is located on KRÜMWAI, close to the centre of the town. On the main road, Uasterstigh, just at the café’  “Nautilius” you take a right and brings you direct to Nr. 7. On both sides of this street are houses with thatch roofs, real idyllic. The former farmhouse also has a thatch roof, has a beautiful location at the bay of Nebel. On the eastside of the house is a garden for the guests, which offers you a beautiful view looking towards the island Föhr and Langeness. How breathtaking and like miracles are the sunrises you can watch from that garden. If the tide is coming or going each sunrise is different. In those moments you feel so close to God’s creation. Every apartment has a Nordic decoration and all three are very comfortable, friendly. Monika Höfer an ihrem Konfirmatuinstag auf der Heimatinsel Amrum
 Each place has a white bathroom, TV, linen, towels, coffee machine, toaster and dishes.
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apartment 1: FRIESENSTUBE
A  Studio, just comfortable for 2 people. Well furniture’s, is on the second floor and offers a view towards the west.
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apartment 2: AURORA
This apartment is on the first floor, on the east-, south- and west side of the backhouse with 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom and a TV room.
Just perfect for 2 to 4 persons.
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apartment 3: BAUERNSTUBE (the farmer’s place)-
It is the apartment in the farmhouse. In the front house, on the first floor, on the south, west and north side and offers a beautiful view towards the town.

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